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Hong Kong Toyama-Ryu Iaido Association

Hong Kong Japanese Budo Day (2022/11)

This year's Budo day can be held in our Dojo, it really depends on the support of every budo organizations. We hope to take this opportunity to convey to our spirit of perseverance in Japanese martial arts. Ten martial arts groups participated in the live performance, and host the booths to display their weapons.

RTHK Program 「老中青當自強」 (2022/11)

Iaido is suitable for people of different ages and genders. This message was brought out by the RTHK program "Old, Middle and Young as Self-improvement". Four hosts from different ages and genders Learn basic movements and trying to cut on straw mats.

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High School Iaido Trial Class (2022/08)

30 junior high school students and teachers attend the iaido trial class in our dojo before the summer holidays. Within two hours, they experienced basic skill of kata, sword firghting and trial cutting, as well as a briefing intorduction talk of Japanese sword history and making.


Online Classes  (2022/01- 04)

Our classes has been suspended for nearly four months under the 6th wave of the epidemic. In order to maintain the enthusiasm of the members for Iaido, our instructors have devoted all their efforts for preparing teaching materials to  teach through Internet. The content is not only about Iaido skills, but also covers the knowledge, history and theory of iaido. We hoped that members can practice and improve their knowledge of Iaido at home.