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HK Japanese Budo Day 2021 (2021/12)

Because of the slowing down of the epidemic, the Budo Day can finally be held under the conditions of epidemic prevention this year. To fill up more audiances, the performance is divided into the morning and afternoon section due to smaller venue. Booths are still set up with  limited space to allow the audience to interact with the marterial arts group.

TVB "Big City Shop" feature (2021/10)

TTV host "Junior Anderson" from TVB "Big City Shop" program came to our dojo to experience Iaido. Under the guidance of our coach, he spent half a day learning how to test cutting and kada.

YouTube Movie

Iaido Experience Summer Class (2021/08)

Our club coorganise the Japanese martial activities with Home Affairs Bureau and the Youth Center of the Hong Kong Buddhist Federation in every summer holiday. In the Iaido experiecne class, we have recurited wide range of participants  from age 11 to adults. It can help us to promote Iaido to different aspects of communities.

ViuTV program Iaido Experience (2021/08)

In the ViuTV program, the host and his guest experience different challenges together and reflects on different issues in life. In this episode, they experience Iaido and learn basic forms, trial cuts and fencing.

“Whydowedream " Interview (2021/05)

"Whydowedream" is a new online media that mainly introduces some alternative activities. How "Shu, Ha, Ri (Imitate, Innovate, Invent) implement on Iaido is the key message of iinterview. (Youtube Video)

SingTao Newspaper Interview (2021/04)

Age of Samurai is a popular online video series about the story in Japan Sengoku Period, which arouses everyone's curiosity about Japanese samurai. The  interview is to understand the Bushido and Japanese swords from the perspective of Iaido, as well as interpretation of Bushido in modern Japan.

The 2nd HK ToyamaRyu Iaido Association Taikai (2021/03  )

The last Taikai was five years ago. We host our Taikai due to the Hong Kong open Taikai could not be held due to the Covid Virus situation. Kada, Cutting, Dotan and Team Cuting event was held in three days during our lessons. Most of the members are the first time participating in Taikai, which let them to review their performance under pressure to improve their skills.

"SportsRoad Junior" Magazine Interview (2021/03  )

"Sportsroad Junior" is distributed to school campuses in 18 districts. Mainly to report sports games and providing health & sports information. In the 47th issue, Iaido is cover story. The reporter visited our dojo for taking pictures of our training and understanding the truth meaning behind the Iaido.

ViuTV "Exotic Vacation" (2021/02  )

A fake-tourism program of ViuTV takes everyone to experience Japanese cultural activities without leaving Hong Kong. The production team chose Iaido as one of the experience activity. Our coaches instructed the three hosts to learn the skills of test cutting in a short time.

ViuTV "Ink in Tai Ping" (2021/01  )

We are glad to participate in the production of ViuTV’s "Ink in Tai Ping". During more than a week of filming, we provided sword fighting training for actors and Dojo rental for shooting. It is a good experience for our member t  apply what they have learned to TV shooting.

HK Japanese Budo Day (Onine) (2021/01)

HK Japanese Budo Day 2021 website) We have 10 Japanese marterial arts groups joining the event which is the highest number in our 5 years history. Due to the government announced measures to reduce community contact. The live event have been cancelled instead of filming all prefrmance and uploaded to Youtube for public viewing. We are very grateful to all groups for supporting and displaying the spirit of Japanese martial arts in such differicult time.

Youtube Playlist of all group's performance

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