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《Milk Motor Club》feature (2020/11)

Milk Motor Club is a magazine for car enthusiasts. The content also involves interesting activities and gadgets that men are interested in. Writer spend 12 pages features the Japanese sword culture and our club interview has 4 pages.

《Headlife》facebook feature (2020/11)

《Headlife》is the Hearline Newspaper facebook. Under the guidance of the instructor, Nomad K and Jeffery Li experienced the three baisc Iaido training : Kada, cutting and fencing.




"Youth Hong Kong" Magazine Interview  (2020/08)

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups publishes the bimonthly Chinese magazine "Youth Hong Kong", It aimed to let  "Youth speak out theirself". Readers can understand different aspect of the community through youth's writing. We hope to promote Iaido to student throught their article.

TVB "Sports A New Horizon" Interview


"Sports New Horizon" completed the interview shooting on March. The programme features Iaido. It emphasizes the capable of quickly drawing the sword and responding to a sudden attack. Several our members talked about their experience of Iaido learning in the interview.

Pok Oi Hospital Fundraising Event  (2020/01)

This is the third year of our participation in the "Pok Oi Hospital KongFu Day ” joined with ShinNenRyu Iaido club, which is mainly for the fundraising of Chinese medicine services at Pok Oi Hospital.

New Year Party (2020/01)

Our New Year's Party is held on the first practice day of 2020. Members have prepared a lot of food and quiz games about the theme of ToyamaRyu-Iaido and Japanese culture. I hope everyone will practice in a happy & safe environment in 2020!