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Machida Festival 2019 (2019/10)

Machida City is the origin of Kamakura Samurai farmer soldiers. In the Bakumatsu, the important figures of Shinsengumi :  Kondō Isami, Hijikata Toshizō and Okita Sōji have taught the swordsmanship in the Machida area and formed the squadron of Onojimachi framer soldiers to carry out musket and artillery training. Therefore, In every end of October, Machida City holds the festival with the theme of traditional Japanese traditional martial arts including Samurai parade, Iaido demo, musket squadron demo and Yabusame demo. Over the years, our members have participated the event and experience traditional culture from different angles.

HK Japan Budo Day 2019 (2019/09)

Thanks for supporting from all parties, there were more than a dozen martial arts groups to perform on the satge and hosting the trial classes. For the first time, the member of All Japan Jukendo Federation to demonstrate Bayonet spearing skills and "RYUKYU KOBUDO HOZONKAI(HK) " to show us the little-known weapons from Okinawa. We hope that the event will bring different Japanese martial arts to everyone and understand Japanese culture from different angles.

ViuTV program shooting (2019/08)

The "Mirror Go" program sent two MIRROR members to our Dojo to learned the basic etiquette, sword fighting skill and cutting in just half a day. They also have a fencing battle with our members as a confrontation between them.

Mats Moving on Action (2019/06)

The cutting mats are directly imported from Japan. One container of mats are sufficient for the whole year. Thanks our members for working for two hours at 30 degrees to complete 4500 mats moving.

43th th Zen-Nihon Toyamaryu Iaido Renmei Taikai (2019/05)

This year's Taikai was held in Machida, Japan, and included workshops, rank testing, dinners, and competitions. Also, It is possible to participate in the preparation works of the Taikai with the Japanese members and experience the Japanese team spirit.


Martialab -Martial Arts Expo (2019/05)

It is our honor to participate in the "Martial Arts Expo" held by HK01 Martialab. More than 10 members participated in the stage performance and experience classes. The 8 experience classes were fully booked, and participants could experience basic swordsmanship and skill training.

PAOC Ka Chi Secondary School Sport Day (2019/01)

This is our second year to participate the "PAOC Ka Chi Secondary School Sport Day". The school arranged more than ten different sports activities for students to choose from. 16 teachers and students participated in the 45-minute iaido experience course. Under the guidance of three instructors, they have trial the Kata, Suburi and Gekken training.

Pok Oi Hospital Fundraising Event  (2019/01)

This is the second year of our participation in the "Pok Oi Hospital KongFu Day ” joined with ShinNenRyu Iaido club, which is mainly for the fundraising of Chinese medicine services at Pok Oi Hospital. Some of members are participating in large-scale event in the first time. Facing public performances can also improve psychological quality to prepare for Taikai and ranking test.