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The 15th Hong Kong ToyamaRyu Taikai (2018/12)

HK ToyamaRyu Taikai is a two days event and included examination and competition. Our members has performed what their learning and practicing in all the events. Whatever the gains or losses, it can help to find out the next goal of practicing.

Machida Festival (2018/10)

Machida Festival is major annual event of Machida City. The whole day activities is related to Japanese samurai culture such as; samurai parade, musketry fire, Iaido cutting, swordmanship, cosplay historical figures. Our members have been participated most of events even the preparation works amd felt the team spirit of the Japanese. It is a valuable experience!

HK Japanese Budo Day (2018/08)

Japanese Budo (Traditional Martial Arts) has a thousand years of history. There are many Budo groups are running in Hong Kong with limited resource. The "Hong Kong Japanese Budo Day" was held with everyone's efforts to showcase their results of hard work. Entering the second year of “Hong Kong Japanese Budo Day", We found a larger venue which can accommodate more visitors and conduct the trial classes to let visitors experience Budo for themselves.

Gekken Workshop (2018/08)

Gekken is one of the training programs in our club. Also, the key match event in Hong Kong and Japan Taikai. In order to enhance the skills, We have great hornor to invite Zhang Lin (Chairman of Beijing Zhengxinyi) hosting a two days workshop. Zhang Lin has won a couple Gekken medals in the Japan Taikai and developed a unique technique based on his experience with Taijutsu for many years.

Wan Chai Festival 2018  (2018/7)

“The 2018 Wan Chai Festival Opening Ceremony - Vitality・Love@Wan Chai Grand Sea, Land and Sky Parade”has around 1 000 people will participate in the parade, performances and game booths to open the 2018 Wan Chai Festival as well as to showcase the vibrancy and diversity of Wan Chai District. We was invited to perform Iaido in the pedestrian zone of Causeway Bay during the prime time in the evening. Member can test their skill under the pressure in public performance. This mental and physical challenge is the way of Iaido training.

Move the testing cutting mats action  (2018/6)

All the testing cutting mats (wara) are shipped from Japan. This year's mats have a special meaning for us. We have contact the suppliers drectly in the first time for the arrangement of price, quantity and transportation. Although the work has increased, it has more control over the time and expenditure. It takes only 20 days whole process of ordering, payment and shipping, which will be greatly help the future development of our club. Thank you for all our member’s help! 6500 mats moving works were completed in two hours and an hour for cleaning the entire Dojo. Beacuse the dirty mats has stored in outdoor environment.

44th Zen-Nihon Toyamaryu Iaido Renmei Taikai  (2018/5)

The two-day conference was successfully completed. Seven members has taken part in seminars, judge training, competitions and Shinsa (Ranking Test). Five members attend the event in the first time. They felt the tense atmosphere and learned the valuable experience. We hope that more members can attend in the coming year!

Shinsa and Taikai results:

One passed the Sandan Shinsa, Gold medal in Dotan, Gold medal in cutting (Shodan Group), Bronze medal in group cutting

SportSHOHO Sports Magazine Interview (2018/5)

SportSOHO is a local sports magazine. In the 112th issue, the "Amateur Comes Into the Deep" column introduces Iaido activity. Kuma (column writer) personally attended our class and experience the sword cutting as well. She wrote about the feelings of Iaido from the perspective of women.

"Threesome" TV drama shooting (2018/4)

We had the opportunity to participate in the "Threesomef" TV series shooting nearly two years ago. The TVB drama finally had a chance to see the day in 2018. Although it was only a few minutes, the artist "Kirby Lam Sau Yi" was very serious. She attend a half day Iaido lesson to learn the basic movements and cutting before the shooting. On the actual shooting day, She was sucessfully carried out three kesa cuts in one take shooting.

Kwun Tong Sports Carnival (2018/02)

Kwun Tong District Sports Carnival 2018 is organized by the Kwun Tong Sports Association and sponsored by Kwun Tong District Council, which is aimed to promote different types of sports and to increase public participation. Dozen of our members has demonstrated the Kata and Tameshigiri (Japanese Sword Test Cutting) on stage and set up booths to answer the audience's questions on the spot.

PAOC Ka Chi Secondary School Sport Day (2018/02)

PAOC Ka Chi Secondary School invites our club to hold a iaido trial class on their "Student Sports Day". In just 1.5 hours, 20 teachers and students experienced the Kata, Suburi and Gekken training.

MTV Shooting (2018/01)

Our club has assisted the music video shooting of "The Invincible". Before the filming, the artist who play as a samurai has joined two class to learn some basic skills. Our trainer has to give guidance to the artist’s fighting action in shooting production.

Pok Oi Hospital Fundraising Event  (2018/01)

The Pok Oi Wulin Assembly raises funds for Pok Oi Hospital's Chinese medicine service. To promote healthy living and establish a harmonious society. Activities include martial arts show, dragon dance, band and belly dance performances. Our clud joined with ShinNenRyu Iaido demonstrate Iaido on stage in the first time.

New Year Party (2018/01)

Our first activty in 2018 is New Year's party. Each member participates in multiple games in different costumes in order to play different roles. Every member won the prizes in luky draw. I hope you will practice in a happy environment in next year!