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The 14th Hong Kong ToyamaRyu Taikai (2017/12)

Two days of activities include: seminars, exams and competitions. With the support of all the members, the Taikai is completed satisfactorily and the number of participants is increasing in every year. Participating in competitions or examinations is not just a certificate or a medal. The experience is the direction of future practice. The Hataya Cup  match gives us the inspiration is that no matter where you status and Dan, you should have a progressive heart. The Japanese Taikai is in less than six months! Set your goal and train hard for it!

Lam Kwai Fong Japan Carnival (2017/11)

We have attended the Lan Kwai Fong Japan Carnival held for the first time in Hong Kong. Four iaido demonstration and two parades in two days event. The public performance can train our members to perform their skills under pressure. Also, test their strain capacity with small size stage, audiences closed the distance and noisey environment.

Kamikoto Promotional Video Shooting (2017/10)

Kamikoto is a high quality chef knife from Japan. They invited us to help on the promotional video shooting. Our member has to stand in the middle of bush and suffered 30+ degree heat, shower drain and multi mosquito bites for two hours to finish the shooting. He truly demonstrated the spirit of samurai

HK handover 20th anniversary Carnival (2017/09)

It's an honour to be invited to participate this event. The unable weather can’t stop our members to demonstrate their iaido skill on stage and display our training equipment, samurai on our booths.

HK Japanese Martial Arts Day (2017/08)

Nine different martial arts groups have demonstrated their skill in the first “HK Japanese Martial Arts Day” to over 150 audiences. The event features a Japanese bud delegation trained in traditional martial arts such as iaido, Aikijujutsu , Karate, Kyudo and Sports Chanbara.

Summer Iaido Class (2017/07)

The summer iaido class is co-organise with a youth centre targeted their member in age 13-15. Their members had experienced the Kada, sword cutting and sword flighting in 2 hours class.

Zen Nihon Toyama Ryu Iaido Renmei Taikai (2017/05)

8 of our members have traveled to Japan (Machida) for two days event. 3 of them have passed the Sho-Dan (1st Dan), Ni-Dan (2nd Dan) and San-Dan (3rd Dan) rank testing on the first day. On the second day of tournament, 7 members has participated different matching events and has won 10 medals. No matter winning or losing, each member was able to take away something from this experience – be it a valuable lesson learnt or renewed motivation to improve; they all wish to bring this back to their own practices in the dojo.

Japnese Wara (2017/03)

A container with 5000 pieces of Japanese Wara is shipped from Japan. 17 members help to clean the storeroom, unload wara from container, move it upstart, stack it up within 3 hours. This stock is enough for more then 15 months cutting training.

Promotional Video Shooting (2017/02)

Impressive Wrap is a car coating company. They hired us to help on promotional video shooting for Camui crytal costing from Japan. Our member had wear  the 20+ ponds weight armour and perform different cutting moving for 4 hours.

Chinese New Year Party (2017/01)

We have hosted a party on the first training day of Chinese New Year to let member to greeting each other. Member can dress up special custoum and enjoy the special designed games which mixed fun and iaido skill.