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Wan Chai East Area 2014-2015 Carnival (2015/12)

We have been participated this event for many years. Our members still real enjoy activity and devote this time and strength prepare for it. Some members perform Kada and cutting on stage, whose only started the training a couple months ago.

AppleDaily Newspaper Interview (2015/12)

The press usually cover the history of ToyamaRyu and Iaido activity. In this interview, they focus on what student can learn from Iaido training. Four of our student members have spoken in front of the camera about their improvement on emotional control .  (Interview Movie)

TVB "Dolce Vita" Interview  (2015/11)

"Dolce Vita" is English language information TV programme on Television Broadcasts Limited in Hong Kong. It is featuring the fine dining, fashion and other latest leisure goods/activities. Vicky Chen (program host) has tried the Kada and test cutting in the first time. She flet that it is a sport needs to pay a lot attention on details and help to train your self-discipline.  (Watch the movies here)

Japan Machida Festival 2015  (2015/10)

Eight of our members are participated the Machida Festival 2015 in the first time. The event is organised by Hataya Sensei (The chairman of Nippon Toyama-Ryu Iaido Association) and involved different kinds of traditional material arts like Iaido, Yabusame, Jujitsu….. .

Hong Kong Toyama-Ryu Iaido Assoication Grading Test(2015/10)

Our club hosts the grading examination on every month. Each student must step up the level of their training.  It is a time to improve and polish what has been learned.

Metro Radio Interview (2015/09)

The radio program is about the sport and health. In an hour interview, we more focus on how Iaido can hep to improve the physical and mentally health.

Commerical Radio Interview (2015/08)

We have been invited to introduce Toyama-Ryu Iaido on the top rating programme of Commerical Radio 2 channel. In just a half our interview, I tried my best to illustrate the main concept of Iaido. Special thanks of Timmy! He have wear the full traditional Japanese armour in hot summer and promoted the Machida festival as well.
Online Video

South China Morning Post Interview (2015/08)

SCMP lifestyle section featured our activity not just using image and text. They also shot a feature movies with professional editing, Check out it with below link!
SCMP online video

RTHK Internview (2015/07)

RTHK3 is the English radio in Hong Kong. The program "123Show featured Hong Kong Toyama-Ryu Association for half hour. The host Noreen Mir is very interested to Iaido and any stories about Japanese Samurai culture. Philippe and me take turn to answer all her questions.

Telford Plaza Show (2015/07)

Telford Plaza invited to demonstrate the Iaido in their summer promotion event, which is about the sport/action photography. A professional photographer setup the professional lighting to capture our member’s Kada, Cutting and flighting on the stage.

Zen Nihon Toyama Ryu Iaido Renmei -  39th Taikai (2015/5)

The Taikai is hosted in Tokyo Machida in every year around May. Branch dojos from all over Japan selected their elite members to participate over 10 matches in a one day event.

The 12th Hong Kong Toyama-Ryu Iaido Taikai (2015/04)

The Hong Kong Taikai (competition) is now in its 12th year. We deeply appreciate the support of All Nippon Toyama Ryu Renmei. The Beijing dojo has also participated in the Hong Kong Taikai for the last 10 years.

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