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Hong Kong Toyama-Ryu Iaido Association

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New Year Party  (2023/12)

We holds a party on the last practice day in every year. Our members can enjoy delicious food and perform "Blessings Cutting" dessing with their favor cosplay coustom in a relaxed atmosphere.

16th ToyamaRyu Hong Kong Taikai (2023/11)

This the first Toyamama conference after the covid pandemic. In the two days event: itr corved theseminar, Dan test and the competition with the highest number of participants in the past years. Many students participated in the competition for the first time and gained valuable experience from the competition.

Machida Jidai Festival 2023 (2023年10月)

The Machida Period Festival is held to remember the history and culture that remains in the area, including the Oyamada samurai clan that was active during the Kamakura period. Our members participate in the entire venue setup, parade and Toyama-ryu test cutting performance.

Hong Kong Hidden Warrior】Interview

(2023 / 06)

The online media "ROUND 8 by RADBOD", which specializes in reporting on martial arts, came to our Dojo to learn about the Iaido skills and mat cutting.

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The 46th Zen-Nihon Toyamaryu Iaido Renmei Taikai

(2023 / 05)

After three years, I can finally return to Machida to participate in the Toyama-ryu Taikai. Everyone is looking forward to it. In two-day event includes workshops, exams, dinners and competitions. Also, It is possible to participate in the preparation works of the Taikai with the Japanese members and experience the Japanese team spirit.

【Iaido: Fast, Ruthless, Accurate】Cure Cancer with One Hit(2023 / 04)

The host, Maggie Leung, together with Dr. Liang Guangquan, a specialist in clinical oncology, wore a traditional Iaido costum and held a Japanese sword. Under the guidance of instructor (Mr. Lo), they practiced drawing swords, cutting mats to feel the spirit of Iaido.

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Pok Oi Material Arts Conference (2023/01)

It is a great honor for us to participate in the Pol Oi Martial Arts Conference which has been suspended for three years due to the epidemic. The activity is mainly to raise funds for the Chinese medicine service of Pok Oi Hospital. There will be performances of different Chinese and foreign martial arts schools throughout the day.