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PAOC Ka Chi Secondary School Sport Day (2019/01)

This is our second year to participate the "PAOC Ka Chi Secondary School Sport Day". The school arranged more than ten different sports activities for students to choose from. 16 teachers and students participated in the 45-minute iaido experience course. Under the guidance of three instructors, they have trial the Kata, Suburi and Gekken training.

Pok Oi Hospital Fundraising Event  (2019/01)

This is the second year of our participation in the "Pok Oi Hospital KongFu Day ” joined with ShinNenRyu Iaido club, which is mainly for the fundraising of Chinese medicine services at Pok Oi Hospital. Some of members are participating in large-scale event in the first time. Facing public performances can also improve psychological quality to prepare for Taikai and ranking test.